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Fitting Boots

We recommend a half size larger than your shoe size, except for full quill ostrich which should be the same size as your shoe. Heel slippage is normal in a new boot because of the new stiff. sole. One the sole starts flexing, heel slippage will decrease. Boots should be pulled on with the boot loops and "plop" on with the final entrance of the foot. If your foot slides right in, usually the boot is too large.

If a lady has a wide foot and no C width is available, we recommend dropping one full size and trying a men's boot, i.e. if a wide ladies' size 10 is needed, a men's size 9D should fit.

We very highly suggest you try our Thorlo boot sock for fitting and wearing boots. We have over the calf socks in colors of black or white. Mid calf socks are in denim blue. We've found that whether you wear thin or thick socks, your foot will perspire. The thick socks we sell will wick the perspiration away from your foot and make the boot a lot more comfortable. Socks are $10.99 per pair.

Feel free to phone us at On the Hoof Boot Company at 928-282-1119 between the hours of l0am and 6pm Arizona time. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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